It would appear that my husband, Kor, has taken it upon himself to travel to Maramere in order to quell the unrest at that facility.

I am the face of NavKor 36. I am the one who is in charge of diplomacy and public relations. Not he. 

He shall find that I do not take kindly to interference in my affairs….


An Update (OOC Post)

So this blog has been very neglected. I am going to change that now.

First, let’s give an update on the group and some links. (Edited May 5, 2013)

NavKor 36 News

Follow this account for news and announcements: @NavKor36News 

Follow this Twitter list to follow SLs easily: NavKor 36 RPG List on Twitter 

You should follow everyone on that list, plus follow the list itself to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Now, let’s mention the ships involved and the crews:

Liberty II

Ian Scarlet

Shara Stone

Ellie Trifan

Deliah Blue

Damian Istann

Jacq Janai

Sar the Vornskr





The Orion Defiance (NavKor 36 ship)


Dr. Liam Porter


Adam Jensen

Rival Crimson

Emerald Crimson

Galaxy Jewel (Pirate ship)



Grace Errin


Other members in various places:


Julian McCartney

Becky Everon/Vader

Maz Phoenix

Mina Scarlet

Jayden Vader

Darth Vader

Cessie Vader

Vao Goldheart

Admiral Okins

Captain Dakk

Amber O’Reilly

Jaran Katar

Zaida Alti

Lorinne Kirn

Jon Kyett

Rachel Acasia

James Griffin

Alana Ten’ou

Dash Solaran

Asher Solaran

Miya Xiao

Senator Bail Organa

April Rayne

(Plus we have some inactives.)

What’s going on, plot-wise:

Ian and the Liberty crew are visiting with Becky. Shara is also going to be visiting with Admiral Vonn, but Ian isn’t too happy about that. The visit with Vonn may go horribly wrong….

The Orion Defiance crew is getting geared up to go on a mission. Rival and Emerald are back working for Kor, but not NavKor. There is a lot of tension between Kor and Navaar, and Navaar has hired Adam Jensen to not only serve as Security on the Orion Defiance, but also to spy on Kor and report his findings to her.

Other groups have been quiet, but keep and eye on the pirates and also the other members. Check the list to see what everyone is up to. Good stuff is in the works!

Mission Notes – Ty’than

~memo from Navaar~

Sent to the following:

  • Ian Scarlet
  • Shara Solaran
  • Dash Solaran
  • Damian Istann
  • Enzi Akida
  • Logan
  • Chocomyrr
  • the rest of the Liberty II crew

You shall be traveling to the planet of Ty’than.

Your mission will be to explore several areas of the planet, taking readings in order to help NavKor 36 determine whether or not the resources on this planet are a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. I am sending along information to Captain Scarlet as to which areas specifically I would like to have explored, and in which order.

You will be taking readings on the native species that are on the planet, along with what natural resources are available and how easily they can be utilized.

Be advised that some of the native species need to be approached with caution. There are no known sentient species native to Ty’than.

~ Navaar

Mission Notes – Terra Nova

~memo from Navaar~

Sent to the following:

  • Ian Scarlet
  • Shara Solaran
  • Dash Solaran
  • Damian Istann
  • Enzi Akida
  • the rest of the Liberty II crew

You shall be testing a new propulsion system on  the Terra Nova.

This system is designed for quickly moving from one place to another – different from warp drive and hyperdrive, it is designed for speed. It is a cross between the technology used for warp drive and the transporter.

You shall report to the Terra Nova, take the ship to the Alpha Quadrant to pick up a shipment, and then return to Tynnara.

I shall be sending engine system specifications to your engineer, Mr. Istann.

Note to Ian Scarlet – Do not wreck or otherwise damage this ship. It is worth far more than that bucket of bolts you normally command.

~ Navaar

Mission Notes – Myrkr

~memo from @_Navaar ~

Sent to the following:

  • Ian Scarlet
  • Shara Solaran
  • Dash Solaran
  • Arienh
  • Damian Istann
  • Enzi Akida
  • The rest of the Liberty II crew
Due to the influx of Force users to Tynnara, I have deemed it prudent to take precautions in order to protect NavKor 36 property.
You shall be traveling to Myrkr to obtain 30 Ysalamiri. You shall also need to procure a number of Olbio trees, as well.
You shall also be tasked with capturing 30 Vornskr.
Make sure you have an equal number of males and females, so they can form breeding pairs.
Take great care to keep the two sets of creatures separated, as they are natural enemies. The Vornskr are quite vicious, as well.
May the Mother of Orion smile upon your journey.

Mission Notes – Jymkyrrk

~Memo from Navaar~

Sent to the following:

  • Ian
  • Shara
  • Damian
  • Arienh
  • Enzi
  • Dash
  • the rest of the Liberty crew

You shall travel to Jymkyrrk and retrieve the Sacred Fire Orb. You shall deliver it to your contact on N’tirpryze.

No, you will not be paying for it. You shall obtain it by any means necessary.

Do not fail me.

The RPG, Subgroups, RSS Feeds and More (OOC Post)

RPG News

We have added several new players to the group, and we also have quite a few that are inactive.  Most of the inactive ones are simply busy with work.  I know of one that has also been sick (not seriously, and is recovering).

As always, RL comes first.  Always.  RP is for fun, but RL comes first.

We are also working on several storylines within the group.  This is changing the group’s background, somewhat.  (See below: RPG Storylines and Background Info).

RPG Sub-Groups

Because of the way story lines have progressed, we now have several subgroups in the RPG.

The group hasn’t split.  There are simply stories within stories that are developing.  Sometimes the subgroups only interact with those particular characters.  At other times they will interact with others within the larger group or even with characters that are not in the NavKor 36 RPG at all.

Right now we have the following:

  1. The NavKor 36 RPG – the main group.  This includes all of the characters that are associated with the NavKor 36 group. (There are currently over 50 characters listed for this group.)
  2. The Liberty II group – this is a group that is on board the Liberty II.  They do interact with other people in NavKor.
  3. The Orion Defiance group – right now this is a very small subgroup, and it has not been very active yet.  It will be the crew that is stationed on the Orion Defiance (Navaar’s second ship).
  4. The Galaxy Jewel crew (The Pirate ship) – this is a group that is currently included with the Liberty II group, but has SLs of their own on their ship.
  5. The Mandalorian group – we now have a group of Mandos that act as a squad for recon/brute force when needed.
  6. The Tantive IV group – @SenOrgana and @Miya_Xiao – mostly keep to themselves, but do interact with others when possible.

Because of the nature of the RP, there are crews that are stationed on different ships.  It only makes sense that these crews would become smaller subsets of the larger group, since they spend a lot of time together in-character.

We have some new people, too.  To make sure I don’t miss anyone (hopefully), I’ll list them by group (there is some crossover, but I’ll only list people once):

(People in bold are newer to the group, so links will be given.)

Liberty II list (not just crew, but people that interact with them a lot, so they are important to the storylines):

  • Shara
  • Navaar
  • Kor
  • Ian Scarlet
  • Dash Solaran
  • Damain Istann
  • Ethan Baird
  • H’Ress
  • Deliah Blue
  • Arienh
  • Lady Everon
  • Mirek
  • Warlocke
  • Rival Crimson
  • Emerald Crimson
  • Phobetor
  • Silver One
  • The Lady Sith
  • Kalei Vondar
  • Tasha Vel
  • BarMan Mike
  • Jaeger Marques
  • Lorinne Kirn
  • Jack Gabriel
  • Tynnara James
  • Enzi Akida
  • Trista Jacobs
  • @NavKor36News
  • Ylesian Slave (Lillya)
  • Cap/Davidov
  • James

The Galaxy Jewel crew (part of the Liberty II group):

  • G’naal (the captain)
  • Dylatt (her second in command)
  • Grace Errin(new crew member, recently from the Star Trek galaxy, now in the SW galaxy)

The Mandos (part of the Liberty II group and NavKor as a whole):

The Tantive IV group (part of the Liberty II group):

  • @SenOrgana
  • @Miya_Xiao

The Orion Defiance group:

  • Vil Dance (captain)
  • Imara
  • Kalei Vondar (yes, he’s mentioned in the Liberty II group, also.)

Other NavKor 36 people:

  • Miss Viz Lahue
  • Ezzie
  • Colton Reyes
  • Tix
  • Vao Goldheart
  • James Griffin (@Magic_Man_)
  • Grant Var

(If I missed anyone, send an @ to @SharatheOrion.)

RPG Storylines and Background Info

When this RPG first started, everyone that was involved with it either worked with NavKor 36, or was associated with someone who worked for NavKor 36.

That is not necessarily the case anymore.

You still have the majority of people working for NavKor 36.  However, the group on the Tantive IV and the one on the Galaxy Jewel (G’naal’s ship) do not.

In the RPG, G’naal (captain of the Galaxy Jewel) is a pirate/mercenary who leads a very large coalition of pirate ships.  She is Navaar’s rival, and is based on Tynnara’s habitable moon, Xanh.  Her crew numbers around 20 on the ship, including Dylatt (her second in command) and Grace Errin (a new crew member).

The Tantive IV crew interacts with Navaar and others, but mostly works on aiding the Rebellion.

RSS feeds

We have had some people that have wanted RSS feeds.  In fact, we have a lot of readers that don’t even log into Twitter.

After testing numerous programs that will convert Twitter lists to RSS feeds, we have found one system that works fairly well.

Please note that there are sometimes gaps in the RSS feed. Since the same gaps (to some extent) occur in the same parts of the timeline no matter which RSS program you use, I can only assume it has something to do with Twitter, and it isn’t the fault of the app.

With that being said, the following links are for the RSS feeds for various groups and subgroups.  You will need some kind of RSS feed reader in order to read this. (I personally, use Google Reader, but there are others.)

The following links are for the RSS feeds that have been the most reliable:

1.  The NavKor 36 RPG – This is all 50+ accounts.  It’s busy, but you won’t miss anything if you use this one.

2. The Liberty II Group – This is the crew of the Liberty II and the Galaxy Jewel, plus some others that interact with them a lot.

3. The Orion Defiance crew – The crew of the Orion Defiance.  Kind of quiet at the moment.

That’s about it for now.

Questions?  Either shoot an @ reply to @SharatheOrion, or leave a comment. 🙂